Learning from the Past to Preserve our Future


“Learning from the past to preserve our future” are the words that guide The Traditional Building Skills Company.

Various studies have shown that most building contractors working on pre-1919 buildings in the UK do not possess the necessary knowledge, skills and experience for the task. Sadly, this all too often leads to inappropriate work being carried out in unsympathetic materials, much to the detriment of those structures.

Our mission is to highlight the wisdom, benefits and beauty of traditional construction methods when working with historic structures. By providing high quality training to the construction industry and to interested members of the public, we seek to both raise professional standards and to equip historic building custodians with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their asset and those who work on it.

Teaming up with national organisations such as The Construction Industry Training Board, The Stone Federation, The Institute of Carpenters and The National Heritage Training Group, our company has rapidly developed a leading reputation in the construction training sector for our passionate commitment to quality training. We offer a range of courses, both accredited for the industry and more general courses open to all.

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Our Courses

Our Team

John Munro

Director. Tutor on Timber Framing, Heritage Wood Occupations, Heritage Stonemasonry, Understanding Repair and Maintenance.   Assessor on Wood Occupations, Stonemasonry and Dry Stone Walling.


Visiting tutors

Henry Rumbold MBE

Senior Tutor for Heritage Stonemasonry

Alan Creasey

Senior Tutor for Heritage Stonemasonry and Wood Occupations

Colin Richards MBE

Senior Tutor for Understanding Repair & Maintenance of Traditional Pre 1919 Buildings



CITB (Construction Industry Training Board)

NHTG (National Heritage Training Group)

IOC (Institute of Carpenters)

NSTIG (National Stone Industry Training Group)